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NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns is defending his girlfriend Jordyn Woods’ body transformation against all of the online haters.

After posting a before-and-after photo of her fitness journey, Woods became the target of internet trolls that are claiming that her fitness journey is a fluke and was accomplished by going under the knife.

But, her superstar NBA player boyfriend came right to her defense saying that she is all-natural.

“Are we saying that women can’t work hard and transform their bodies??” Towns wrote to Twitter. “I’ve SEEN the hard work and I’ve seen the results and trust me, this is all natural.”

The baller continued: “Since she was 10 years old, people been calling this woman vile things because of her weight and instead of letting the Internet run her life, she went out the put the d— work in and changed her whole life. FITNESS SAVED HER LIFE!”

“That comparison picture, as I told you before you posted it, is gonna help a lot of people, especially young girls who feel they can never reach the body that you’ve acquired NATURALLY,” he concluded.

Woods responded to the criticism on Twitter pointing out that fitness saved her through the tough time of losing her father five years ago, “Working out saved me and I wanted to let everyone know we all start somewhere. You’re beautiful at any weight, shape, or size, but you’re not alone.”

Check out Woods’ fitness progress and her full classy clapback to the haters:

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