A viral TikTok video is showing just how bad grocery prices are in Alaska right now.

Think you’ve got it bad on grocery prices, you may want to think again after a viral TikTok video has shown some obscene grocery prices in Alaska.

Going to the grocery store used to be my safe space. It was the “me-time” I craved. I was relaxed. My heart smiled every time I successfully placed an item in my basket and crossed it off my grocery list.

Now? Now I dread it. I stare at those bell peppers and zucchini just willing the prices to magically change!

Food prices have hit a 40-year high. We feel it in our wallets, we see it in supply chain issues, and we can tell with the shortage of labor. Meats! Dairy! Coffee! Everything is on the rise. And the impact is huge.

TikTok use Emilyinalaska_ posted a video recently that showed just how crazy the prices are!

I find myself debating if I should stick to simple Peanut Butter & Jelly to save money! I scour for coupons and 2 for 1 deals! I price compare and hit up different stores for various items! I bulk shop at the big box stores. Anything to save wherever I can.

But can I tell you my secret to relief when I’m the most stressed while shopping?… If you think it’s bad here, check out rural Alaska prices from Emily’s video!

Because of how much it takes for supplies to get to remote areas in the beautiful state of Alaska, a block of cheese could set you back $25. Milk will cost you $18. And salsa can be $8.

Watch Emily’s video below and check out how crazy some of this stuff is.