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The Best North Carolina Campgrounds For Your Family Adventure

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and North Carolina camping season is ready to begin at many of our state's campgrounds! As a family, camping is an activity that we can all agree on and enjoy, which is a rare thing in this age of portable electronic entertainment. North Carolina is home to many unique and beautiful places to explore the outdoors, both in campgrounds and in the wild. There are a bunch of great spots, from State Parks to private campgrounds, to even your own back yard! Camping has all sorts of benefits, and it's almost certain to help your family. "Simply put, camping is good for you, both in body and mind," a Utah State University study said. "Benefits include relationship building, opportunities to learn and develop new skills, unplugging and getting away from screens, connecting with nature, stress reduction, and increasing physical fitness." And don't be afraid if you are new to all of this. There are a number of great resources out there to help you get started with camping. "The best way to learn to camp is to jump right in and try," KOA said in this handy guide. "You may encounter a few bumps along the road, but it is important to remember that no camping trip ever goes exactly as planned. As long as you know the camping basics, the rest will become memories and experiences to help you grow each time you embark on another trip." Here are some of my favorite camp sites! Please add your favorites in the comments!

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