Best Of The 910

Best of The 910: Welcome To Our First Ever Listener’s Choice Awards

One thing we're always completely confident about when it comes to our loyal listeners on Foxy 99 and Old School 107.7: You're always excited to tell us about your favorite things. Whether it's your favorite restaurants, or your favorite local musicians, we hear from you all the time with great recommendations. So the more we got to thinking about it, the more we realized we needed to give you all a voice in helping to define who really IS the Best in The 910. This is so much more than just the places and people you love, this is about truly helping to define the people and places that are definitive parts of our culture. And we want to give a big shout out to our friends at Flow Nissan for making all of this possible. Now it's your turn to tell us once again who your favorites are in 43 different categories. This is your chance to nominate all the great people and places you love. And make sure if you ARE one of the people or businesses that fall into these categories, you're nominating YOURSELF for these awards, and you're telling everyone you know to do the same. Here's how it's gonna work: From now until September 25, you can go on and nominate in all of our categories. Then from October 2 through October 23, we'll take all the top nominees and put them up for a vote. You can come back during that time to vote on our finalists! But we've got to get them there first. So GET TO NOMINATING! And just for playing along, we want to give you some great prizes too. We'll have electronics, tattoos, makeovers, tickets, and all kinds of other prizes we will draw at random to give to the people who are nominating and voting! So what are you waiting for? Go right down here below all this text and start nominating! The more categories you nominate people and places in, the better your shot at winning prizes! And don't forget to tell everyone else to come do it too! Good luck to all our nominees! [ss-promo op_id="610263" op_guid="9c3c3f8e-aa75-4667-8cd6-fde4f05ec02d" routing="hash"]