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MUST WATCH: Tennis ‘Balls’ Speech Finally Hilariously Breaks Nassau County, NY Executive

Nassau County in New York has started to open up some recreation opportunities. And Nassau County Executive Laura Curren had the unenviable task of delivering remarks to outline how residents in the Long Island area could start playing with their balls again. Err, uh, their tennis balls. Curren's remarks made for quite an unintentionally hilarious series of sound bites, as she very carefully tried to make sure she referred to them as tennis balls in all instances. But a few casual slipups led to Curren and the other officials with her finally cracking. "You can kick their balls, but you can't touch them," Curren said as she started to laugh. "I'm gonna blush, sorry." She gathered her composure again, making sure to go back to the emphasized TENNIS balls reference. "If you're playing with someone in your household, you can touch those ... tennis balls." But it didn't take long before she slipped again, and caused the others on the panel with her to finally crack as well. "To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a marker, like a Sharpie to mark out with an X or put someone's initials on them." Watch in the TikTok video from user @maddiefazen below: GALLERY: Coronavirus Impacts Around the World [gallery ids="132488,132487,132486,132485,132484,132483,132482,132481,132480,132479,132478,132477,"]