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Tradia’s Top 10 Romantic Black Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Tradia from Foxy 99 here, and what better time to watch romantic Black movies than Valentine's Day? It's one of my favorite holidays, because its filled with a lot of love and gifts for you and your lover. Since the pandemic, a lot of people adjusted to doing more activities at home to stay safe, and so while a date night out may not be in the cards just yet, there are plenty of ways to celebrate still. If you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day at home with your partner, check out my top 10 romantic Black movies from back in the day that you and your partner will love to watch together. These are all from 2003 and back, but that doesn't mean there aren't great ones that have been shown recently. And this isn't a knock on the other great romantic movies featuring White characters. It's just different. "When you are only portraying certain people as being worthy of love, or that certain people are worthy of being centered, that is very much making an implicit political statement," Carole V. Belle, a media, politics and identity researcher told Oprah Daily. "Especially today, part of how we construct our identities and come to terms with our identities is seeing ourselves through the media and seeing media that we identify with. If you're never able to find stories that you relate to in which people share aspects of your identity or sexuality, that can be a really problematic." So we're going to take a look at some of these great romantic movies from a Black perspective, just in time for Valentine's Day. Here's some of my favorites: