Gunner Jackson

Did You Fall For the Tubi Prank Super Bowl Ad Sunday?

Super Bowl commercials are getting more and more clever when it comes to getting people to pay attention, and the folks at Tubi pulled off a great one Sunday. Tubi is a streaming service owned by Fox, which broadcast the game between the Eagles and the Chiefs. And the game was getting tense during the fourth quarter, which is what made Tubi's ad so brilliant. The ad featured Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhradt - who were the ACTUAL Super Bowl broadcasters! - acting like they were coming back from a commercial break to get back to the game. Then suddenly, your TV screen is made to look like it's opening up its smart functions to open up the Tubi app and chooses to start watching the Brad Pitt movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." It's a brilliant strategy. Reaction on social media was quick, with people "complaining" that they were ready to discipline some poor children for grabbing the remote during the game. With so many streaming services out there now, Fox certainly got some attention for its new product Tubi. And that's ultimately what this whole thing is all about, isn't it? Watch the Tubi Super Bowl ad below, and check out some of our favorite reactions on Twitter.

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