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Eight Reasons Why Some Men and Women Cheat on Their Partners

Why do some men and women cheat? Well I've been told that they love their partner, they find their partner attractive, value their relationship, and do not want to end or damage the life that they and their significant other have built together. So why do some decide to step out? According to Robert Weiss PH.D., MSW with Psychology Today, there are lots of key reasons why it happens, but it's not always because of a bad relationship. "Admittedly, sometimes people choose to cheat because they’re in a bad relationship and want out. Sometimes they feel stuck because of kids, finances, social mores, or whatever," Dr. Weiss said in the piece. "So they sneak around to get their needs for connection, intimacy, and validation met by someone other than their spouse. But just as often, cheaters are in reasonably emotionally healthy relationships with people they love, care about, and have no desire to hurt." Here's a look at the eight primary reasons why people cheat, according to Dr. Weiss: