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4 Unique and Meaningful Ways to Decorate for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think about decorations that will brighten up your home as well as show Mom that she’s a unique, valued person in your family. With a few simple touches, it’s easy to create meaningful decorations that highlight the things that she loves best. Here are four great ways to add some color and style to Mom’s favorite spots in the house, all while sharing your love with a special person on this holiday. Decorate Using Her Favorites A great way to decorate your home for Mother’s Day is to use Mom’s favorite things as inspiration. Adding pops of her favorite color throughout your spaces is an easy trick. These tissue paper flowers are a quick craft that produce beautiful results and can be adapted to any color palate - hang in groups from the ceiling as decoration or place them at everyone’s seat for your brunch table décor. Speaking of your brunch table, if you need a large tablecloth that also incorporates Mom’s favorite things, roll out some craft paper and let the kids use her favorite colors to create a marbled watercolor effect, and then stencil on animals and flowers that reflect what Mom loves. Photo Collage Creating a unique photo collage is a great way to show Mom how special she is (while also adding lovely décor to your house). Select images that include your Mom and highlight various times throughout her life, then choose how you’ll display them. Depending on the location and theme of your collage, you may want to print all of the photos in black and white or muted colors rather than the typically vibrant hues. A unique shape or position for the collage will also help make this decoration memorable - consider arranging the images in a heart shape on the wall or hanging them with twine from the fan blades throughout the house. You’ll find lots of inspiration here for creative collage ideas, but remember that the most important consideration is your Mom – choose something that you know she’ll love! [caption id="attachment_352632" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo: fotostorm via gettyimages.com[/caption] Potted Plants A staple of Mother’s Day celebrations, flowers only last a week or so and then fade away. So this year choose to decorate with potted plants/flowers instead of cut stems! Choose plants that are easy to care for and can be kept indoors year-round for decoration that will last well beyond May. Or, pick a variety that you can transfer to the outdoor garden when it’s big enough. This option is especially great if your Mom enjoys gardening! For an added decorative bonus, pot your chosen plant in a fun Mother’s Day-inspired mug; Mom probably has enough mugs for her coffee and tea already, so this is a way for her to see a cute message daily without storing the mug at the back of the cabinet for occasional use. Display your potted plants prominently on the table or breakfast nook so that Mom can see them first thing on her special day. Garden-Inspired Banner Mother’s Day comes at a beautiful time of year when the garden is blooming and full of color. Bring some of that inspiration inside and decorate part of your house with a Mother’s Day banner inspired by the garden and its colors. This craft version is easy for kids to help create, and you can choose scrapbook paper backgrounds that feature blossoms and vibrant colors. You can also bring actual garden items inside to use in your banner. This floral-inspired Mother’s Day banner includes fancy script and several kinds of flowers glued right to the banner - display something similar on your dining table or in a prominent place in the living room so that Mom can see it all day. Making simple Mother’s Day decorations meaningful is easy to do. As long as you highlight what makes Mom such a special addition to your family!

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