Severe Weather Watch: Tracking Hurricane Ian

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Weather Update: Hurricane Ian Now Directly Impacting North Carolina

Hurricane Ian is still spinning off the coast of South Carolina, having grown back to Hurricane status last night, and North Carolina is now feeling direct impacts of the storm. Rain bands started hitting late Thursday night, and for the most part has not let up in Fayetteville and the region. As of 8 a.m., Fayetteville had reportedly seen about .3 inches of rain, with locally heavier amounts in some areas. Wilmington has seen about 1.6 inches in some spots already. More - lots more - rain is still coming, and much of it will be heavier. Roadways are already showing heavy rain puddling, and will only get worse as the day goes on. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH STANDING WATER! Turn around, don't drown. If you do not need to be out driving today, just stay off the roads. Also of note, with this much rain falling, and winds gusting up to around 40 mph, there remains moderate risk of trees falling, and power outages. Already in Hope Mills, we've seen a tree down on Johnson Street that took out some power early. Now is the time to make sure your electronic devices are charged, and that you have access to your flashlights, etc. in case of those outages. Most schools are closed or remote today in our part of North Carolina, because of Ian. You can look at our closures page for more information. We'll be updating this page and our social media throughout the day to keep you safe.

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