Randall C. Bliss

Hurricane Isaias Could Impact North Carolina by Monday

Time to pay attention to the weather, as Hurricane Isaias is now a very real threat for North Carolina. The National Hurricane Center elevated Isaias (pronounced ees-ah-EE-ahs ... confirmed by the National Hurricane Center) from a Tropical Storm to a Hurricane overnight. Currently the storm is near the Bahamas and isn't expected to impact our area until Monday. But now is the time to get prepared. Head to our Severe Weather 2020 page presented by Lumbee River EMC and check out the tips you need to get ready for Hurricane Isaias coming to North Carolina - or for any storm. Hurricane Isaias is currently projected on a path that will skirt the Florida coast and come close to a potential landfall in North Carolina, according to the NHC. https://twitter.com/NHC_Atlantic/status/1289128870101184514 GALLERY: Hurricane Impacts Around the Country [gallery ids="132095,132094,132093,132092,132091,132090,132089,132088,132087,132086,132075,132072,131902,131901,130507,"]