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Celebrating Mother’s Day: 4 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to tell the caregivers in your life how special they are. By highlighting Mom’s favorite things in your celebrations, you’ll be able to shine a light on everything unique about her. If you’re looking for interesting ways to host a Mother’s Day celebration for a group, big or small, here are four memorable ways to celebrate Mother's Day that will leave Mom feeling special and loved. Afternoon Tea A festive and memorable way to celebrate Mom is with an afternoon tea party. If the weather is nice, plan to hold the party outdoors to take advantage of the greenery and blooming flowers. Make sure to choose accents that highlight what Mom likes best. If she loves florals and pastels, then decorate with blooms from the garden as well as handmade paper flowers at her seat. If she has more of a rustic vibe, use wooden planks as serving trays and gift her with a handmade tea box at her spot. Afternoon tea recipes are often finger foods that include both sweet and savory. Check out these recipe ideas and choose items that include Mom’s favorite flavors. For bonus points, make these delicious Earl Grey tea-infused crème brûlées and serve in teacups. Destination Dinner A wonderful way to celebrate Mom and throw a memorable party is to use a theme that she loves and others will find exciting – cue the destination dinner! Choose one of Mom’s dream vacation spots and plan a dinner experience around that location and its food. Has she always wanted to visit a Caribbean island? Decorate the dinner table with lots of greenery, put bright colors on the wall, and try some recipes that feature traditional Caribbean flavors. Perhaps she loves everything about Paris - you can set an elegant table, complete with a mini Eiffel tower candle, and serve traditional French food. This destination dinner will highlight things that Mom loves while giving all the party guests an experience to talk about for years to come. For bonus points, learn how to say “I love you, Mom” in the destination language and have a card ready with this message at her seat. [caption id="attachment_352741" align="aligncenter" width="684"] Photo: StefaNikolic via[/caption] Spa Experience Rather than the hustle and bustle of a traditional party, Mom might enjoy something more intimate and relaxing on her special day. Hosting a spa experience is a great way to pamper Mom (and any other guests!) while you all share a memorable day. Perhaps the most essential part of a spa experience at home is setting the ambiance – choose soothing music to play in the background, lower the lights a bit, and make sure that you don’t have any loud interruptions. You’ll want to stock up on products that feature Mom’s favorite scents. Try to have candles, lotion, and even some essential oils to add to a warm washcloth for facial prep. A home foot bath is an easy way to make your spa experience feel luxurious, and while Mom is soaking her feet, have her relax with one of these calming face masks. If you’re painting nails, make sure to include Mom’s favorite color in your polish choices. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt If you're looking for unique ways to celebrate Mother's Day, this one takes the cake. If your family enjoys spending time together on experiences, then forego the traditional home-centered party in favor of an outdoor scavenger hunt event! This celebration will get everyone out of the house, prioritize spending time together, and allow you to include special memories and locations throughout the day. The key to a successful scavenger hunt is a great ending prize/location. Decide where your mom would like to end up (perhaps a favorite local spot of hers) and what surprises you’ll have waiting. Some ideas are a picnic lunch, reading a personalized poem, or a hidden box with a special gift inside are all great final treasures. To make the scavenger hunt clues, use a template that incorporates Mom’s favorite colors and write clues that reference special things from her life/your family experiences. Get creative! No matter what kind of party you plan, the most important part is spending time honoring Mom, so any idea done with love is sure to be a winner. Hopefully one of these ways to celebrate Mother's Day will help inspire your upcoming gatherings.

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