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Christmas Drinking Games To Make The Day Merry And Bright

Even without huge parties, we're sure that some of you will be having a drink or two to celebrate Christmas this year. And Christmas drinking games can add to the fun of small gatherings (or even gatherings via Zoom or FaceTime). Here are some of our favs. Holiday Trivia Etsy has several Christmas drinking games that can easily be printed out. Some include Family Feud Christmas Edition, Christmas Riddles, Christmas Scattergories, and Christmas Riddles. Facebook Roulette Saucey has an awesome drinking game idea that includes spying on people on Facebook. They describe Facebook Roulette by saying, "Make sure everyone has the Facebook App on their phone and are all logged in and ready to go. The rules below apply to the top post on your newsfeed. Set a timer for every thirty minutes and when the timer goes off have all players check the top posts on their newsfeed, proceed to shoot Fireball as the following rules dictate." Players have to drink for things like an engagement announcements, someone getting a puppy, someone posting a photo of their tree, and someone posting their plate of food. Warning: This one may get you hammered. Movie Themed Games Saucey has other creative drinking games, including ones to do while watching Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Any true Christmas fan loves festive Hallmark movies, and  Good Housekeeping has a game that will probably have you feeling good because it involves drinking during all the movies' corny moments. Some include when it starts snowing when the characters kiss, when the two main characters fall in love, and when the two characters almost kiss. The Boring Family Gathering Game Spoon University has a game that involves drinking for everyday things that you would do and see around a group of people. Some include drinking every time you hug a family member, drinking every time someone sneaks the dog food (which we don't advise: you don't want to get anyone's dog sick), and drinking every time someone makes an awkward political comment. Cheers!