If you’re like me, you enjoy living life here in North Carolina, but saving money still ranks high on your list of must haves – which makes seeing Beyonce on tour this year pretty challenging.

The closest venue for me to see Queen Bey here in North Carolina is located in Charlotte where tickets start at $185. With that in mind I started thinking, I wonder if ticket prices for Beyonce’s Club Renaissance World Tour vary drastically from city to city? What if I can book a cheap flight, see a new city, and still worship with my Queen?

Sometimes it pays to research your what ifs. I was able to find some tickets available all over the country for more affordable prices, and that got me excited.

Below you will find some of the best cities outside of North Carolina to buy your Beyonce tickets, while saving money. Plus, you can use the Google flight hack I posted below to land great deals on flight too.

Two words: you’re welcome.