Looking to get into radio? Kenny J has some tips.

So how many of you have often wondered how do I get into the Radio industry. Maybe you’ve seen your favorite radio station at a location and you say to yourself that looks like a lot of fun! Or maybe you were listening to your favorite radio announcer and you say to yourself with my personality I know I could do that and be successful at it!… what’s not to love about Radio plan your favorite song meeting famous people talking to listeners you’re probably saying signed me up.

Well it is actually easier than you may think! There’s actually multiple ways to find Radio opportunities that may be the perfect fit for you.

  • Jobs Board

    First I would go to the radio station/companies website and click on careers, once there you can browse the various opportunities in Radio.

  • Apply Apply Apply

    Once you see something that is appealing and meet your qualification simply apply.

  • Internships

    Now for my College students thinking ahead about a career in media/Radio, always check for any intern opportunities. Intern opportunities is a great way to see and learn it all!

  • Lots of Options

    Radio has multiple departments to choose from for example, you have the sales department, The digital department, The promotions department, engineering department, video graphic editor, programming/On Air department etc..

  • Full or Part Time

    If you are able to secure a Intern opportunity and exposed to various departments it becomes very easy for you to determine which direction in radio you wish to enter. And yes there are full and part-time opportunities available.

  • Good luck!

    Good luck and we look for it to seeing and maybe hearing you on the radio in the very near future good luck and all the best.

    – Kenny J