The Bounce Morning Rollout with Minda and DB

The Bounce Morning Rollout with Minda and DB

The Bounce Morning Rollout with Minda and DB

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13: Rapper Eminem performs onstage at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake has been the topic all across the internet! Kendrick’s Diss track ‘euphoria’ is the #1 trending video on youtube with over 7 Million Views. To get you up to speed give it a listen. Warning the language is NSFW so headphones on in the office:

This beef is on fire! This all came after Kendrick, J. Cole & Drake were declared “The Big Three” of Hip Hop. Kendrick responded to this claim on the Future/Metro Boomin Track “I Like That”. This lead to responses from both J. Cole & Drake. Cole has since deleted his diss track “7 Minute Drill” and has since apologized for taking part in this battle. Drake has had to delete his track “Taylor Made Freestyle” but is still actively in broiled in this and many other battles. So this war is far from over especially with Kendrick throwing this huge shot. Now I personally am not the biggest fan of of the diss tracks but when they are put together well then I can’t help but listen to them. In my opinion, Euphoria didn’t really hook me until the very last bit. The beat changes seemed all over the place but I can’t deny that Kendrick isn’t a true lyricist. So many iconic lines and if I were Drake I would be trying my hardest to come back with some fury.

Beefs and Diss tracks have been as old as hip hop itself. The East Coast/West Coast war will still go down as one of the most intense battles in history ending in tragedy. I really hope Kendrick and Drake air on the side of caution and it doesn’t get to those levels. It should always be about the music which will be the focus of today’s throwback playlist. Here are 5 Iconic Diss Tracks! Great Beats and Beef are on the menu today!

  • Ether - Nas

    What’s sad is I love you ’cause you’re my brother
    You traded your soul for riches
    My child, I’ve watched you grow up to be famous
    And now I smile like a proud dad, watching his only son that made it

    Hands down one of the greatest diss track ever. Beat is still used anytime someone is dropping bars. This was truly iconic and JAy tried but failed to win this war. He’s a billionaire though so I guess he won..I guess.

  • No Vaseline -Ice Cube

    Tryna sound like Amerikkka’s Most
    You could yell all day but you don’t come close
    ‘Cause you know I’m the one that flowed
    Ya done run 100 miles, but you still got one to go

    Friend breakups can be the most hurtful type of relationship breakup. When N.W.A. came for Cube. He had to put down his own former group. This was BRUTAL.

  • Back To Back - Drake

    I’m not sure what it was that really made y’all mad
    But I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all rap, I mean, whoa
    Can’t fool the city, man, they know what’s up
    Second floor at Tootsies, gettin’ shoulder rubs


    I’m starting to think Drake has the world record for most beefs. He did win the battle against Meek Mill and this song did well on the charts and was Grammy Nominated. So we really can’t count out Drake.

  • Hit 'Em Up - Tupac

    Grab ya Glocks when you see Tupac
    Call the cops when you see Tupac, uh
    Who shot me? But ya punks didn’t finish
    Now ya ’bout to feel the wrath of a menace

    Now this is widely considered the true Diss track champion. The video is iconic. The lyrics are lethal. It’s unforgettable.

  • Killshot - Eminem

    Stan, Stan, son, listen, man, dad isn’t mad
    But how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?
    The giant’s woke, eyes open, undeniable
    Supplyin’ smoke, got the fire stoked

    Many have tried to come for Slim Shady but Machine Gun Kelly was the boldest in my opinion because he was clearly in the wrong here. He made comments about Eminem’s at the time underage daughter so Em responded with the song ‘Not Alike’ with Royce Da 5’9″. Rap Devil was then released by Machine Gun Kelly and though entertaining, we knew the end was on the way, Eminem dropped this bomb and Machine Gun Kelly changed his name and went to rock. Leave Em alone unless…….

  • Obsessed - Mariah Carey

    Ooh why you so obsessed with me?
    Boy, I want to know! Lyin’ that you’re sexin’ me
    When everybody knows it’s clear that you’re upset with me
    Ohh finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
    Last man on the Earth still couldn’t hit this

    Few people have been able to hang with Slim Shady. And this diva did and well. Eminem kept alluding to a previous relationship with Mariah even playing alleged voice mails but Mariah dropped this banger that reached the Top 10 of the Billboard charts. Going 3 X Platinum. Never kiss and tell, Em.

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