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Footlong Cookies Are Coming To Subway Menus Permanently

This should satisfy your sweet tooth: Subway has recently announced that they will be selling footlong cookies nationwide at the beginning of 2024. The sweet treat measured in feet was first introduced last year at a pop-up in Miami to celebrate National Cookie Day. The response was incredibly well-received, so the popular sandwich shop has decided to make the footlong cookies a permanent menu item in the near future. In a recent news release, Subway Senior Culinary and Innovation Vice President Paul Fabre was ecstatic about the decision. "The overwhelming response we received from fans around the country last year let us know that we needed to make the footlong cookie a permanent addition to our menu." But before its official launch, Subway also announced that select locations would be giving away free footlong cookies on Monday, December 4, in honor of National Cookie Day. These locations will even be renamed "Cookieway" all Monday long. Sadly, it doesn't look like any North Carolina Subways get that early cookie hookup on. The only locations giving out free footlong cookies include Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and Miami Beach. Fortunately, it doesn't look like the rest of us will have to wait that long to get our colossal cookie fix. While an exact date hasn't been revealed just yet, Subway has promised to start selling the footlong cookies nationwide sometime in early 2024. I just hope it's not too early. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to devour a whole cookie the size of a CVS receipt. I just want a few weeks in the new year to at least try to stick to my resolution of eating better. But once I inevitably give up I'm driving straight to Subway and ordering as many as will fit in my car.

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