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The Viral Reason Sierra Mist Rebranded To Starry

Fans of the beverage Sierra Mist were disappointed when the drink disappeared in January. At that time, PepsiCo announced that the lemon-lime soda would be discontinued and replaced by a new drink called Starry. The beverage company described Starry as a "soda for a generation of irreverent optimists," and the brand calls Starry "the next choice of the new generation" on the PepsiCo website. Now, a TikTok creator, Cierra Mistt, is speaking out about the soda name change. She claims that PepsiCo took legal action against her, due to her name’s likeness to PepsiCo’s soda Sierra Mist. Her accusations have gone viral on platforms like TikTok, sparking conversations and speculations. TikToker, Ciera Misst is known for creating engaging flight attendance content. She said in a video that she's been using her online name since platforms like AOL Instant Messenger were popular. She claimed in a YouTube video from July 2023, that PepsiCo had accused her of a trademark infringement. In this video from July 2023, she followed her claim by saying that she couldn’t reveal much more due to "legal reasons." Cease and Desist, Sierra Mist In more recent videos, she stated that the beverage company gave her a cease and desist letter and wanted to sue her for "copyright infringement and defamation." She continued, "Apparently, my content and being a spicy flight attendant doesn’t align with their core values." The TikToker said she almost agreed to their demands to change her name. However, she and her lawyer discovered the company’s copyright had expired. Since Mistt felt like she was being "intimated and gaslit" by the company, she bought the copyright. According to the Copyright Office, copyright protection lasts only for a limited time period. After protection expires, the work enters the public domain. If someone purchases the copyrights, then the previous holder is notified. The content creator did note that after obtaining the copyright for Sierra Mist she was able to go after PepsiCo legally. However, the beverage company pulled off what she called a "PR move of rebranding." She continued, "They have been around long enough to know that just switching the names adds more emphasis on questions versus the actual rebranding process." So, she also claims that they added the "extra-ness" of "adding new flavors and ingredients." PepsiCo has not responded to Cierra Mistt's claims. Take a look at her full video below. It's worth noting that the video may not be suitable for work due to language. [select-listicle listicle_id="626648" syndication_name="caution-foods-you-may-want-to-avoid-at-restaurants" description="yes"]

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